Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quilled Baby Shower Wooden Magnet Favors Baby Girl Feet and Blue Flower

I have more baby shower magnet favors to show you today. They've all been given out, but I'm trying to catch up with posting as always. :X

This one is of a baby foot and a simple heart.
This magnet has a lot of blue tones. I don't really think I had intentions of doing that, but it turned out to be okay. The wood is stained with different acrylic paints: baby blue, yellow, and white.
The side view of this magnet shows how I outlined each petal with white quilling strips.

So...this is week 33 of my pregnancy. I can't believe I'm almost there! I feel miserable and mostly have bad days now unfortunately. Both my energy and time are precious at this point. We are so far behind in getting prepared to welcome the baby, but with all of my illnesses there was no way I could put up a good fight and multitask. All I've been focusing on is trying to heal if possible. My goal is to deliver unmedicated. The US really likes to insert medical intervention and my body is one that usually suffers from this sort of input. The only problem is that lately I've been in so much pain that at times I can't imagine myself going through with my original birth plan. It's a possibility that I am somewhat saddened by. I hope to be able to cast aside all of the doubts in my head by the time she's ready to come out. 

I'm trying to find time to learn hypnobirthing. It's a bit late, but my thought is that even if I can't use it for birthing then I may be able to use it's application in other areas of life; breathing techniques are skills we can always use to help us calm down and relax. 

Here's to wishing for a smooth ride ahead. ;)