Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8.5 Months

Here we are at the stage where we want her to slow down a bit, so we can digest it. Coralie's almost 9 months already! My husband keeps saying she looks different to her every day. She's more mobile now and we get more feedback in the smiles department too! Teething has been hard, but we are now proudly displaying 2 bottom front teeth and the top 2 are coming through now. She's pretty shy in person. Whenever we go out, people approach us to first comment about her hair and then say how serious she looks! Last week someone said, "she's the silent, but strong type then." That was a new one. Here are some pictures; you'll see what I mean. These first 2 are her normal reactions to almost everything:

This is her 8 month picture with 8 friends out on the lawn. 
Taken at her grandparents' place in Brooklyn 2 weeks ago for her grandpa's 80th birthday. 

This one is from this past weekend. She loves swings!

I haven't played with paper in a long while. :T I'd really like to, but can never find a good chunk of time to do so. She's had skin rashes from the age of 2 months, so recently I started making my own body products for her to use whenever I can. It is starting to clear up, but we know she has a mild cat allergy. She had a reaction last week when Butters, the tuxedo cat, drooled on her. The cats only recently started to warm up to her and now they can't get enough which is making it tough for me to keep the skin contact to a minimum.

I also just started to meet with other moms in the Hartford, CT area. We moved here in January, so it has been a while. It's too bad the summer is ending because I think it has been really good for both mommy and baby to be around others.

Well, this is all I have time for at the moment. She's stirring from her nap now. I miss everyone on here! Hope you're all faring well. :)