Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Vellum Flower Thanks Card

This is a simple "thanks" card. All of the pink makes it very playful and girly. The flower is cut from vellum and  then wet embossed with white embossing powder. There are 3 small beads to make the center of the flower.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Chinese Themed Housewarming Card

Yesterday I went to my friends' first home after getting married. It was my first time there and it was a great time!  My bf, friend, and I put together a gift basket and I, of course, made the couple a card.

The message was printed on my laser printer and the lanterns were wet embossed with black embossing powder. This card is quick and simple to make. For those of you who don't understand where I was going with this, I will have to touch on Chinese culture. Lanterns are often used for display during grand celebrations. Artists designed on lanterns in ancient China, so they were used as a way to display art as well. Nowadays, lanterns are not as significant among Chinese Americans, but you can still see them being used during Chinese New Year and for store front grand openings. For something as worthy to celebrate as your first home together, I thought of this card as a kind of playful way to say congrats with the incorporation of our Chinese backgrounds.

We got them a random mix of household items they they may or MAY NOT use. lol This was the basket we came up with (our dear friend loves these toned down shades of green):
Also, I want to congratulate my boyfriend, Dimma, who finished grad school!!! I am very proud of you and your achievements! <3

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Together Forever" Wedding Card

A beautifully blue wedding cake card to give to the happy couple on their special day. 

There are a lot of fine details to this card. What I wrote on Etsy:

The base of this card is silver. Patterned paper sits on the right side with a strip of pearlescent baby blue paper serving as a divider. The center circle is cut from blue vellum and is adorned by 6 pearl-like embellishments. Cake is cut from Bazzill white cardstock, then dry embossed. It sits propped up on foam dots. White, fine glitter sits on the raised part of the design. On top of the cake is another layer with 3 various sized turquoise quilled flowers. Cake sits on hand-painted flower. "Together Forever" is a rub-on sticker on heavy white cardstock with 2 edges rounded. 

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Orange Double Heart Charm "Love" Card

I have a new card for you today! 
A "love" card for someone special to you. The double heart charm is dangled by twisted ribbon. Flourish, word, and banner are rub-ons. The edges of the card are rounded.

What a beautiful day it is today in New York City!

Thank you aureliaeugenia for giving me the honor. :) 

   I was happy to find a LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD from HOBBIES-Ileana-Carmen .
                                                      I thank you  a million times!!
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               So,I want to give this LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD to the blogs :

                1) Idei si Creatii Quilling (quilling beauty)
                2) Photos From My Life (encourage a sweet little girl to keep writing, taking pictures, and drawing!)
                3) The Art & Craft of Good Eating (my food enthusiast friend)
                4) Quilling Creaties (another quilling beauty)
                5) Sandy's Creations in Clay (Clay model art)

Head on over to their blogs to show some love!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All Occasion Pink Quilled Flower

This is a re-post of a card as I have taken better pictures of them. :)

This card is good for any occasion! It is embellished with a flower made with pink, yellow, and green quilling paper as well as a flower rhinestone in the corner and decorative ribbon. 

Paper In Motion!

Josh Ritter has a pretty crafty music video out right now. Check out his video made from 12,000 sheets of paper.--

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quilled Sunflowers in a Vase Card

Hello! Today I am trying the sketch challenge on 365 Cards for the first time! This is a quilled sunflowers in a vase card. The vase is something I came up with while husking on my quilling board. The largest sunflower is embellished with rhinestones. 

Here is the layout that was featured:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guys 25th Birthday Card with Quilled Candle

This is a new card that I am selling on Etsy. Here is the description from the listing:
"Isn't it hard to find a guy a card sometimes?! I made this card with the intentions of giving a special guy a thoughtful card without all of the girly colors that you usually see. This card is specifically for someone who is turning 25. I chose 25 because a quarter of a century is a pretty big year I feel (I am 25 too). :) 

What you see is 2 stars cut out of silver metallic cardstock with the smaller star popping out. The numbers are from the American Crafts Thickers collection. They are glitter-covered fabric chipboards and are high-quality and super durable. Finally, the candle was quilled with blue and orange quilling paper. The flame is dusted with glitter as well. 

This card is 5.5x4.25 in size and is designed and created by me on a blue shade of Bazzill cardstock. Card ships with an envelope."

If you are interested in buying this card, but need a card with a different age on it feel free to message me. I will duplicate it as closely as I can and change the numbers. I will create a private listing for you on Etsy.

Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modern Wedding Cards # 1 -- Wedding Cake and Quilled Roses!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hope you are getting spoiled with love! :)

I have been working on numerous wedding cake designs for cards. I apologize in advance for all of the similar-looking wedding cake cards I will be posting. :) This one with the quilled red roses is the first of them. I plan to use the same template, but change the embellishments on the actual card.
This is the first card I will be posting on this Etsy account:

"The background was designed on computer and printed on cardstock. It was sealed with a matte decoupage medium before the cake pieces were put on top. The cake has a dry embossed pattern and was dipped with white glitter on the accents. Quilled flowers were also lightly dusted with red glitter. The ribbon strip was made with gold-specked paper.

Card measures 5'x5' and comes with an envelope."

I will be trying out different logos and related graphic designs on the blog to see how it looks. This is my first one with my signature that goes along with the banner logo. Any feedback is always appreciated! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I've Been Thinking About A New Name...

Leeniebeanie Cards was the original, spur of the moment, name I chose for this blog because "leeniebeanie" was a nickname I picked up in my younger years. As I grow more serious about the direction of my crafts, I have decided that I needed a more true-to-myself and, yet, easy to remember name. Please bare with me as I make this transition into my new blog name, Love In Envelope.

Love In Envelope stays true to my beliefs and principals in that everything I make and design comes from love and care--from my heart. Ultimately that symbol of love is slipped inside of an envelope to be shared or passed on. I do hope I can continue to share my love to all of you out there.

You will see that the posts preceding this entry still have my old blog name watermarked on the photos. I plan to keep them as is in order to allow me the maximum amount of time to focus on the present and also isn't it interesting to see how things have changed over time? I do apologize for the confusion ahead of time in case you ever stumble across the disparity in the future.

This is hardly a fresh new start, but rather a small change in the labeling of things. Therefore, moving forward, you can rest assure that I will be delivering content in the same manner.

Things on my to do list:
-Change links on my profiles
-Create a new logo

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Parade

Not that I'm into football, but the celebrations for the Giants win are unavoidable. My brother is at the parade today at City Hall. I can't understand how sports can get so personal for fans, so best to just get out of their way.

This was my contribution to the super bowl party at home on Sunday. Sooooo simple!
 White, semi, and milk chocolate; matcha green tea, hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts.
The white chocolate ones were my favorite. Each of these pretzels were about the size of a regular-sized cookie. :)

Tonight I am heading to DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY to check out Etsy Labs. Looking forward to learning something new!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J & B Initial Framed Quilling

This project was requested by my friend for displaying purposes at her wedding back in Oct last year. It was actually the 2nd thing I've framed. I ran into trouble making this one because I was in the middle of moving. I tried to keep it safe, but in the middle of moving it was dropped (with weight on top of it) and of course the already made parts were a bit crushed. You can tell from the pictures that there was damage, but I tried my best to smooth it out as best as I can. You might wonder why I didn't redo it. The wedding was about a month away when it was messed up during the move. We had a great deal to unpack because we buy things for our apts like we own the place and are settling, so I expected to not be able to put in much time into it between then and the wedding.

This reddish-purple color scheme is based on the colors they chose for their wedding invitations. It was very hard to take a picture of this because I used a pearlescent cardstock as the backing.
I had to use a lot of straight pin needles to complete this project. lol
Adding more pieces. You can see how the purplish paper doesn't stay straight.
Originally I wanted to put this rose in there, but changed my mind because it didn't go with the flow of the other types of flowers (shown below).