Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Chinese Themed Housewarming Card

Yesterday I went to my friends' first home after getting married. It was my first time there and it was a great time!  My bf, friend, and I put together a gift basket and I, of course, made the couple a card.

The message was printed on my laser printer and the lanterns were wet embossed with black embossing powder. This card is quick and simple to make. For those of you who don't understand where I was going with this, I will have to touch on Chinese culture. Lanterns are often used for display during grand celebrations. Artists designed on lanterns in ancient China, so they were used as a way to display art as well. Nowadays, lanterns are not as significant among Chinese Americans, but you can still see them being used during Chinese New Year and for store front grand openings. For something as worthy to celebrate as your first home together, I thought of this card as a kind of playful way to say congrats with the incorporation of our Chinese backgrounds.

We got them a random mix of household items they they may or MAY NOT use. lol This was the basket we came up with (our dear friend loves these toned down shades of green):
Also, I want to congratulate my boyfriend, Dimma, who finished grad school!!! I am very proud of you and your achievements! <3

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  1. So sweet of you and such delicate gesture !
    The card with Chinese lanterns is full of semnifications(I'm sure) and will be a precious memory for them from your part:Congrats !
    There's a saying here ,after the wedding.
    Everybody wishes to the new couple a "House of
    Stone !"( may their love be strong as a stone)
    Congratulations for Dimma and..for your beautiful love story !Do I hear ...some bells?
    Love you ,too!
    aureliaeugenia and...Dana


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