Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So I've Been Thinking About A New Name...

Leeniebeanie Cards was the original, spur of the moment, name I chose for this blog because "leeniebeanie" was a nickname I picked up in my younger years. As I grow more serious about the direction of my crafts, I have decided that I needed a more true-to-myself and, yet, easy to remember name. Please bare with me as I make this transition into my new blog name, Love In Envelope.

Love In Envelope stays true to my beliefs and principals in that everything I make and design comes from love and care--from my heart. Ultimately that symbol of love is slipped inside of an envelope to be shared or passed on. I do hope I can continue to share my love to all of you out there.

You will see that the posts preceding this entry still have my old blog name watermarked on the photos. I plan to keep them as is in order to allow me the maximum amount of time to focus on the present and also isn't it interesting to see how things have changed over time? I do apologize for the confusion ahead of time in case you ever stumble across the disparity in the future.

This is hardly a fresh new start, but rather a small change in the labeling of things. Therefore, moving forward, you can rest assure that I will be delivering content in the same manner.

Things on my to do list:
-Change links on my profiles
-Create a new logo

Stay tuned!

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