Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quilled Purple Orchids Unique Stringed Mom Card

Well summer is in full swing and of course I caught one of those horrid summer colds...yay! Thank you mom! :D Yes, she passed it onto me when she was visiting from Maine a few WEEKS ago. I still can't shake this cough!

How has your summer been so far? It's hot, humid, and extremely wet over here. In fact, we have thunderstorms more often than not lately. It's really not so great for those of us who just want to get outside and enjoy the day!

In honor of an awesome mother who has left me this great gift of sickness before she left, I present to you this card:

:P It's a card that took a lot of time making, not only because of all of the quilled pieces but also because of what it took to spell the word "mom." I took a thicker thread and free handed the letters, so essentially, they are "stringed." Each piece had to be carefully glued down...then you wait for it to dry...glue some more...wait some more, etc., etc... Needless to say, a lot of love went into it.

As for the quilling part, I made orchids and a bunch of smaller leaves glued together to make larger leaves. All of the quilling together did not come close to equaling the time it took to glue down the string! My head was really spinning after all of the concentration it took to complete this card. I'll probably be needing a long, long break before tackling anything like this again when I have time.

All the best to you lovely readers this week!

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