Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quilled Blossoms Thank You Card (CAS)

Happy Thursday all!

Thanks for stopping in today. We are all frozen over in NYC making it extremely depressing to go out. Makes me wonder how on earth I lived in Buffalo, NY for 2 years. :D I hope it's warmer wherever you are! :)

I have here a card that is currently circulating my office at work to be signed by everyone. Shanta's last day will be tomorrow and I will miss the energy she brings. Hope she'll feel the love in the card. :)

Card details: Layout was based on this sketch. 3 quilled blossoms were formed into bowls with white paper strips. Depth is created in this way. Chalk was faded into petals to bring out colors. Vellum was printed on for the words. Flourishes were wet embossed. The only regret I have is making the flowers so thick. I wanted to partially conceal some petals with the banner, but in order to do this I would need to put the banner on stilts of foam dots! You may not be able to tell from this photo except the way that it pops out, but I have to say it is pretty unflattering looking at it from the side. This also caused such a raised card that it far out-sized the A2 envelope I had prepared for it. It had to go into an envelope one size up. I'll have to work on that. ;)

Below are 3 close ups of the card. In sharing my joy in making a new blog friend, Lenetta, I would like to participate in her new blog hop which encourages self-accomplishment--Weekly Goals Linkup # 3. For every picture, I will put down one goal for the week for a total of 3. Yes, I know it's weak, but you have to start from somewhere...right? 

1. Write 2+ blog posts.

2. Beat my old bowling record of 167 tonight (Good luck to me--
I did that in 11th grade and only recently started playing again).

3. Make 2+ cards this weekend.
If I fail to meet my first goal this week, then I'll be back next week. :X Just kidding...I will try my best to make good on that one. ;) Have a good one!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilled Flowers Vase I Love You Card

Valentine's day is coming up--I remember when my girlfriends and I were single, we would still try to send each other things to make ourselves feel not so lonely. :)

If he were alive today, I would've said happy birthday to a dear friend who'd have turned 27 in 2 days. This bouquet goes out to all of you who are in need of a hug during this long stretch of holidays that may remind you of loved ones who are no longer with us.

About a month 'til Chinese New Year--cheers to all you snake babies!

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