Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilled Flowers Vase I Love You Card

Valentine's day is coming up--I remember when my girlfriends and I were single, we would still try to send each other things to make ourselves feel not so lonely. :)

If he were alive today, I would've said happy birthday to a dear friend who'd have turned 27 in 2 days. This bouquet goes out to all of you who are in need of a hug during this long stretch of holidays that may remind you of loved ones who are no longer with us.

About a month 'til Chinese New Year--cheers to all you snake babies!

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  1. Wow ! Simple and beautiful card .

  2. Stunning simple card^_^
    Love it^_^
    Big hug,

  3. This is so beautiful. Thanks for joining us at Tando.

  4. Such an elegant looking card - love the quilling. Wonderful.

  5. Hello Eileen,
    Your quilling is always elegant,classy as I might say is a true pleasure to get one of your card!
    Here is a very rainy day and this si really good-the earth need so much water!It is +1 Celsius degree and we had even more +degrees this passed week.The weather is changing all the time.Dana began the semester so,here we go again...I am so sorry the Facebook don't accept to play the Winter Holyday "show" and You tube as well(It says it is too long to run)
    I wish you could see it too! What are the news about you? I am hoping everything is alright!
    xoxo! A friend of mine ,from MALAYSIA,posted 10 of my works on her blog-mice and ramen,Veronica Lee and this was a splendid surprise!
    Love you

  6. Great job on your quilling. Lovely card too. Have a fun and crafty weekend.

  7. A gorgeous card - sending you a hug :)

  8. beautifully, nicely, pleasantly :)


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