Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J & B Initial Framed Quilling

This project was requested by my friend for displaying purposes at her wedding back in Oct last year. It was actually the 2nd thing I've framed. I ran into trouble making this one because I was in the middle of moving. I tried to keep it safe, but in the middle of moving it was dropped (with weight on top of it) and of course the already made parts were a bit crushed. You can tell from the pictures that there was damage, but I tried my best to smooth it out as best as I can. You might wonder why I didn't redo it. The wedding was about a month away when it was messed up during the move. We had a great deal to unpack because we buy things for our apts like we own the place and are settling, so I expected to not be able to put in much time into it between then and the wedding.

This reddish-purple color scheme is based on the colors they chose for their wedding invitations. It was very hard to take a picture of this because I used a pearlescent cardstock as the backing.
I had to use a lot of straight pin needles to complete this project. lol
Adding more pieces. You can see how the purplish paper doesn't stay straight.
Originally I wanted to put this rose in there, but changed my mind because it didn't go with the flow of the other types of flowers (shown below).

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