Monday, November 14, 2011

"Father's" Day Card

Happy November!

My friend, Jen, and I just started a 1 month membership to New York Sports Club. We went to a yoga class and it made me realize how little flexibility I have. It was both relaxing and a HUGE challenge for me. Then we tried a cardio kickboxing course. I don't know how we made it through! I hope this soreness goes away soon!

So I was going through cards that I made this year and found a card that I gave to my bf for "father's" day...yes, many months ago. This is a fully embossed card. The reason why it is in quotes is because we don't actually have kids, but we treat our cats like kids. They are what makes him happy when he comes home from work. You may or may not get it (because he didn't at first).

The front is to show a little critter walking and making a mess and then continuing on their way.
Here is the inside of the card. Our female cat, Cookie, walks around like she owns everything and then begs for kibble. She literally says, "meow meow," to demand kibble.
 The envelope has paw marks as well. This is to mimic their love for crawling into tight spaces, boxes, bags, etc. It would be absolutely suiting for them to crawl inside of this envelope if it was the size of a Trader Joe's paper bag.
Whether you understand/like it or not, I hope you can see that sometimes simple cards get the message across and you don't need to go all out to show someone you appreciate them.

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