Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Star of David Shaped Bat Mitzvah Card

April is here! Hope you had a few good laughs from April Fools Day. :)

I was playing around with this online software for digi stamps and it turns out they have some free ones to let you play around with and print out...so I did--it works! If any of you are interested, you can find it at Cuddly Buddly ARPY. The free ones are on the right bar and you can drag them onto the white space for editing. There's a printer button on the top bar for whenever you're ready to get working on them! Very simple to do. There's also an option to import from your computer or purchase them directly from the site. This process bypasses having to load it into an image editing software on your computer.

Last week, I made some egg tarts for work and they came out pretty well! There are different types, but I just went with the original Cantonese "don tot."

I made a simple shaped card for a friend to give to a girl who was having a bat mitzvah:

The paper used for the overlay of the star actually shimmers pearlescent in the right light.

Happy day to you all!


  1. Gorgeous card Eileen. Love the pretty flowers. Ohhhh, and those custard tarts are making me hungry. Tummy is growling now. LOL.

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  3. Omg, love your style! <3

    Do you want to follow each other?


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