Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interior Design (In the Card Sense)

I was reading an article about using credit cards overseas. You might want to read it if you're planning to travel internationally any time in the near future. I had no idea how far behind we are just because credit card companies want to save a couple of bucks. It'd be nice if they can start implementing more security features as other countries already have; the additional pin needed to charge a purchase sounds like a great idea. It reminds me of a debit card. It'd protect many more people from theft.

Today I wanted to talk about what can go inside your beautiful card. This is a neat way to spice up the inside of a blank card. Choose a paper that goes along with the color scheme of the card and cut out tiny rectangles to use as borders on opposing corners. These will be placed behind the sheet of paper in which you will write your text. Underneath this set up, use a rub-on sticker that is large enough to peek out from behind the other layers of paper. Use glitter glue to embellish select areas of the rub-on.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday night!

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