Tuesday, September 14, 2010

♥A Sweet Wish for My BF♥

The internet was finally set up today. :))) We're far from settling into the new apartment, but we have almost everything in here except the cookware. It was all thanks to all of my great friends and parents that we were able to get everything done in one day! It's great to be back in the neighborhood, Bensonhurst, where I was raised and around most of my friends and family. 

I'm still getting used to the noises of this apartment. It is situated near two intersecting avenues while the last apartment was on a much quieter street in the middle of the block.

I gave this cupcake card to my boyfriend one day. I made it originally not having plans for anyone in particular, but he came home from work and said he really liked it so why not? So what if it's pink? :D

I quickly made up the inside with a post-it note, so please don't mind it. The card twists a full 360º thanks to an eyelet that was set through both pieces of cardstock and hidden behind the frosting cut out.

Have a super sweet week!

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