Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal # 1


In March, I was asked to help my friend, Jenny, create her wedding invitations for an October wedding. This proposal is 1 of a few that I came up with. Though we are moving in a different direction now, I wanted to upload some of my ideas.
I thought this design was very flexible for a bilingual wedding. The middle portion pulls out and you can use one side for English and in this case, the back was meant to be for the Chinese writing. 

I picked up a pack of these charms from Michaels. It didn't cost more than $2 from what I remember. All you do is string ribbon through the ring of the charm to attach. The ribbon is tied in the back.
Vellum is wrapped over the text portion and confetti (stars for this invite) were inserted. You can actually shake the stars around

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