Friday, September 30, 2011

For Jenny's Bridal Shower

Looks like I am averaging one post a month. Not exactly what I would've liked. We've moved again. This time to Queens. We're far from being settled, but I feel that I should be doing a better job of updating the blog as I am still attempting to craft in this mess. :D

Last Saturday I went to a Jenny's bridal shower. I had a really good time and met some cool girls. I got a chance to play with fondant for the first time during a mini-cake purse decorating session which was pretty exciting! It requires much more skill than people appreciate in passing!

Since I have an opportunity now, I want to update pics of the note card and thank you cards I made for her:

*This card became a note card due to an error made in haste...I decorated the whole thing only to realize that it was a bit too large for the card I had on hand and also didn't have the time to make a new blank card! Silly me!

*The following two photos are of the thank you cards that I made. I had to make small envelopes to fit this custom size as well.

*Tied them with ribbon.

*After putting them into separate ziplock bags, I filled the glass picture vase I bought on the side.

That completes the gift! Looking forward to her wedding in 3 weeks!

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