Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal # 4

This card isn't a developed card, but merely a styling idea.



The papers are cardstock and vellum. Punch holes through only the top two layers of vellum and cardstock, leaving the back untouched. Through the punched holes, set eyelets and tie the bow to be exposed on the front of the card.

I leave you with my cats chillen on the windowsill:

 look at the heart shadow!!!
 high five!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal # 3

This is something I borrowed from somewhere on the web. I can't remember...very sorry. If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give appropriate credit. Thanks!

All you need to do is find a picture of a flower to print out, then type the couple's names onto the vellum. The bow just ties the two separate pieces together without any other adhesive.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal # 2

This is a much simpler design. From this one, please ignore the parts of the card where the white fibers of the core are exposed through the cracks. My main intention was to offer a sample and so I used whatever I had laying around to get the idea across.

As you can see, I used the same charm as seen in the previous design. The other thing you might notice is that I wrapped it with two different ribbons.
Now in the interior, it unfolds to 3 different panels. I ran the double ribbons behind the frames of the text. All of the text was computer designed.

Lastly, the bottom panel is for the RSVP--intended to be ripped off so guests can return it by mail. This aspect can be turned into a post card (where you write the addresses on the other side) or you can include a return envelope, which is not shown here. Ideally, it would be perforated, but I do not have that tool in my collection and if it was chosen I would do so. Instead, I have just cut off most of the part to indicate the purpose.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I just came across this interesting type of photography that I wanted to share. It is called cinemagraph, where a picture with a few aspects which are put into motion--not quite a video though. You see when you visit this website--From Me to You--wait for it to load and give the pictures some time. You'll see a flutter of moment...aren't some of them just about the creepiest photographs of normal things? I would be totally uncomfortable putting those up on my walls!

Wedding Invite Proposal # 1


In March, I was asked to help my friend, Jenny, create her wedding invitations for an October wedding. This proposal is 1 of a few that I came up with. Though we are moving in a different direction now, I wanted to upload some of my ideas.
I thought this design was very flexible for a bilingual wedding. The middle portion pulls out and you can use one side for English and in this case, the back was meant to be for the Chinese writing. 

I picked up a pack of these charms from Michaels. It didn't cost more than $2 from what I remember. All you do is string ribbon through the ring of the charm to attach. The ribbon is tied in the back.
Vellum is wrapped over the text portion and confetti (stars for this invite) were inserted. You can actually shake the stars around

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quilled Heart and Roses Card

I just listed this card on Etsy, so get over there and support me!!! It can be used for almost any occasion as this card's theme is so flexible. I ship quickly within the US!

Pink, More Postcard Than Card, Birthday Card

I was trying something different with the birthday card this time around. What would normally be on the inside of the card, is displayed as both the inside and out. That is why I refer to it as more of a postcard (with an envelope) than a traditional card.

-Size a piece of card stock to desired measurements.

-Lay a cut to size piece of patterned paper on top of it.

-Create a one inch wrap with another type of card stock (I applied a bluish tinted Pearl Ex to the white parts though you may or may not be able to see it).

-Print text onto vellum and apply on top of the base of the card.

-Punch a hole to set an eyelet where the sheer pink ribbon bow will be tied on top.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder...

...about my body. I just can't help it. It's like each part of my body is a machine that fails--it doesn't want to work together to keep me alive. All of this intervention and yet the body finds creative symbolism to make me think that we shouldn't be messing with it. For one thing, the Crohn's disease is a major chronic digestive issue. Nutrient absorption is undoubtedly a need to keep a person alive (that's one indication of my body wanting to fail me by rejecting food). Now that I've had a resection of my intestines done to remedy the situation temporarily, I develop other issues from malnutrition due to the inability to absorb certain essential nutrients.

One such new problem that I am dealing with is major patches of eczema and some psoriasis on the scalp. Some of you may suffer from or know someone who suffers from this chronic skin problem. The shallow part of me is worried about my looks, I'm sorry to say, but the other aspect is the incessant itch that I need to deal with during the day and is also my friend that keeps me up by night. No matter how much you scratch, the patches are insatiable. Here comes the second indication which leads me to think that my body fails as a survivalist--I have developed many food allergies since the surgery (food that I have not been able to pinpoint as of yet) and in return, I believe it sparks some kind of eczema flare up on and around my mouth. The natural means of food intake is now a source of pain (nothing compared to a Crohn's flare up, but still). What the #$%?! is all I have to say.

You may say, well get your diet under control to work around the allergies. You are right and I am certainly working on that, but that is still not to say that it is normal for a body to find so many situations in which to reject food. It seems unnatural to be allergic to things which make us function; it seems abnormal to develop all of these issues related to the digestive tract, which is also essential to human function. It is absolutely necessary to have a working source of food intake.

This is not an indication of me being bitter or depressed (as my doctor was wondering), it is merely my observations turned into abstract pondering. Unfortunately, I do not have another blog to express these types of feelings. Though if I did, I would think that it would be too depressing of a blog to keep up with. This is my strength though--if I feel love, then I feel the need to return the love ten-fold. This is what will keep me going. I feel too responsible to give up the battle, to let people down who love me so much.

I want to share with you a picture of me with  my best friends and my boyfriend that were taken recently in Long Island City and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, respectively. That's me on the far right. :)

Sending Love to All,