Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strawberry Shaped Card

It's apple picking season here in the Northeast, but I've got a strawberry for you! :D I found it more fun to create a strawberry shaped card than an apple this week for Tuesday Alchemy's new challenge week. Out of the 3 inspirational words (blackboard, gears, and tart), I chose tart. The first thing that came to mind was a Pop Tart, then...tart pie...finally, I went into more detail and selected an ingredient--STRAWBERRIES! 
I used nothing but paper for this card and some ink on the edges. It's embossing and quilling free unlike most of my other projects! Also, you will notice the fabric in the background. This silk cloth was dyed using natural ingredients (flowers, mulch, leaves, etc.) during an Etsy Hands-on event in Brooklyn a few months ago. I haven't gone in a while because my buddy had her baby in Aug and I'm suddenly discouraged to commute an hr and a half to get there (common NYC travel time to get places sadly).

Speaking of babies, my cousin gave birth to a beautiful girl on Wednesday! Welcome Chelsea! Now we have the whole Clinton family on my mother's side (Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea)! lol!!! For her baby shower, I created this baby stats chart to mount on a wall that I have yet to go through to see who made the closest guess. Here is what it looks like:
I was in such a rush to make this. I enlisted the help of a 3 year old, who did a phenomenal job as you can see! Surprisingly straight considering I was doing the top part on my tiptoes. :)

Wonderful weather here in NYC this week. Hope you all get out there to enjoy before the winter weather hits--which I am hearing predictions that it'll be a dreadful one this year. :T

Tuesday Alchemy sponsors this week are:
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  1. I cannot read what you said because Google offered a German translation-don't know why!
    I am happy you "showed " up and made a super sweet card ,oh good memories about sping time and strawberries!
    Send you all our love! mom and dana

  2. I finally read all about your new"job",if I may say so!You're getting experience for the future and that's good !Congrats to your cousin + a warm
    welcome to Chelsea , may life offers her all its best parts!
    So you are very busy, but you must know we miss you so much! The weather is more than wonderful here, hotter than it should be,but no rain and yes,I heard the winter will be difficult!Well ,let't hope for the best!
    Hugs and cheers!

  3. I first visited your blog being so surprised you finally posted something! Reading all you wrote on my blog I can understand how hard is for you to deal with everything!I used to travel a lot to get to my job and being all the time in a hurry for everything ! Yes I understand now,thanks for telling me.I only can hope we'll be in touch as it will be possible!
    Good luck and take care of you and the one you love!

  4. What a yummy card dearest Eileen:)
    Very very beautiful SHAPE:)
    Big hug,

  5. sweeeet strawberry.....congrats to your family on the new baby...hope you have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*

  6. What a yummy strawberry card. Make me want to eat some. That is so cool that you have the entire Clinton family with the same first names. Happy, happy crafting.

  7. what a beautiful strawberry card...I wish to use it for Gift Card envelopes when i make it.

  8. Very beautiful strawberry and matter! remarkably! :)

  9. Great card, love the yummy look to it..luv annie

  10. Gorgeous card Eileen I love the textured look on the strawberry :)
    *hugs* Shell xx

  11. Hi Eileen

    I love your strawberry card!! I am craving strawberry shortcake with lots of whip cream!!

    Hugs and smiles



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