Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mcdonald's 2011 Halloween Kids Meal Basket Makeover

This was a kids meal basket that McD's was giving along with the food instead of the usual red box or paper bag. It is made out of orange and black plastic and the handle is a cat's head (which I left as is). It was intended for trick or treating. Here is a picture I found of it in its original form:
I wanted it to look more like my own cat at home, so I took out black and off-white acrylic paint and painted over the body. It didn't come out too bad. I am now using it as an assorted office supplies container on my desk. Check it out:

This is a picture of my sleepy cats: Cookie in the back and Butters on the front.  

Picture taken from my camera phone of Butters exploring himself.
Join Tuesday Alchemy in celebrating Halloween with a spooky theme! Loves Rubberstamps and Floppy Latte's are this week's sponsors!
It has been terrible here from Hurricane Sandy. To give you an idea of what it looks like if you aren't familiar: 
Compares last year's Hurricane Irene with currently Hurricane Sandy. Spans 900 miles from Florida to New England.
Even though the east coast of the US is experiencing the lashing of Hurricane Sandy and most of us will not be able to enjoy Halloween to it's fullest, have a happy and safe Halloween to those of you who can!


  1. Fabulous Halloween buckets - love how the cats are lapping it up:-) Fab photo of your real cats too:-)

  2. wonderful basket cat! real sleepy cat nice!!!
    a hurricane is frightful, certainly. save Yself be careful.

  3. I hope you'll be alright as I am thinking of you so much hearing the news!
    Love your pictures and I also think is a wonderful basket cat !
    Take care and I will be praying for you and family!
    hugs and cheers

  4. Way too cute Eileen, lovely makeover! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, take care, Ira x

  5. Great idea Eileen! Came out great! I hope you are okay from Hurricane Sandy?!!


  6. Oh Eileen - I love what you did with the baskets. So cute and creative. I also hope you are doing okay from the storm? You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs and smiles


  7. Lovely project and super cute cats. I just love cats :-)


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