Monday, December 31, 2012

Cream Colored Quilled Snowflake Handmade Ornament

Today I will be visiting my boyfriend's family in the afternoon. Since they speak Russian, I feel lost half of the time. It will be exhausting to keep up. It isn't the first time, but it doesn't get much easier if you know what I mean. The way I feel after may be the equivalent of running after a hyper child all day. lol Wish me luck! :D

This snowflake ornament was made using creamed quilling paper--37 cut strips to be exact. It took me about double the amount of time planning and putting this one together as compared to the other ones I've been posting.
Below are two pictures taken a week before Thanksgiving at Astoria Park during sunset. 
RFK Bridge, formerly Triboro Bridge

Upper East Side, Manhattan



  1. Another gorgeous quilled ornament. Hope you'll enjoy your time with your boyfriend's family despite the language barrier. I know what you mean. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Quilling is gorgeous and your pics are awesome. xxxx

  3. Fabulous Eileen - love all the different shapes you have used for your snowflakes. Awesome photos!! Happy New Year:-)

  4. beautiful snow flakes and nice pics!!!

  5. I am sending the wishes of a HAPPY NEW YEAR with the mind speed and I hope it will reach you soon!
    The snowflakes is a real beauty!-so are the photos!
    It is 22h30min and I am with Dana and Dad waitting (at home) for the new year to come full of hopes for the a better future! We 've been eatting goodies and a piece of cake and at the midnight we'll be toasting for this special occasion(Marinel,the cat is here too and he doesn't understand what's happeninig as at this hour we were in bed )I am a bit tired but I will try to reach the midnight when we kiss each other and wish the best for this new beggining! I hope you're Ok and happy !
    Hugs for all your family and friends,

  6. This is so pretty Eileen! Wishing you a HAPPY New Year! All the best for 2013!!


  7. photos and snowflakes is a real sooo beauty!!!
    at one to my familiar husband from the Arabic emirates and while it did not learn a language, talked that socializing very amusing with relatives quarreling is impossible, because each other is not understood :)
    I try to see the relatives of husband only on holidays, not often :) it for me sufficiently :)


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