Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gold and Peach Quilling Flowers Card (29th Birthday)

I've been really out of tune with the blogging world and I apologize!

On the one hand, I have the opportunity to work on all of the crafts I could ever want for my wedding. On the other hand, I do so many repetitions of each aspect that I really miss the freedom of making whatever I want in a heart beat. I am really proud of what I've done thus far, but just in case anyone from my guest list is reading this, I don't want to give away anything prematurely. :X I'm mean like that! :) I am currently working on my guest signing poster. I was glad to shift gears to this after completing a few shy of 100 invites (I will make a separate post for this). Fortunately, they're all out of my hands now and I am very relieved of that. :) We will be traveling down to NYC for it on April 27th (a week after our 5 year anniversary actually) as that is where the majority of our friends and family are. As you can probably imagine, it hasn't been the easiest planning things from 3 hours away.

For now, I have for you a quilled card for someone celebrating their 29th birthday. I quilled 2 flowers in gold paper, but I felt that it needed more gold so I went ahead and wet embossed the tops in gold as well. That gives you the added metallic look that you see above. I really like this color combo and in fact, I will be using it as part of my wedding color scheme.

Have a very wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. gold tinted flowers and a beautiful card eileen

  2. Its lovely ,never thought gold would look this beautiful with soft colors !

  3. OMG,you will or had the wedding? I am so pleased and I wish you all the best there is in the whole world:happiness, health and beautiful children! Me and my family love you and are so proud of this friendship we have!
    the card is really awesome with this superb golden paper! hugs

  4. This is stunning Eileen and I love the gold ! Seems as though you are getting organised and that your wedding plans are coming along wonderfully! Can't wait to see all the things you have made, once your are all done and newly wed :-) Hugs, Karon.


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