Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Upcycled Coupon Holder for Fridge Door

Lately I've been doing a lot of coupon clipping because why not? What I didn't like was the clippings ending up randomly all over surfaces when I wasn't ready to use them yet. Therefore, I borrowed an idea from my friend, Jenny, and decided to upcycle a small box that I already had:

From here, it'll turn into a functional box and affix temporarily by way of magnets to the fridge.

I snipped off the top portion to create an opening. Then, I covered the entire box with my choice of scrapbook paper, which happens to be a gray polka dot paper. I did a crisscross on the front with peach ribbon (yeah, I know I'm loving peach these days!). I threw on the die cut flourish and a premade flower from Michaels.

All you need to do now is put on the magnets! I actually didn't glue mine to the back. Do you know how the N and S poles of the magnets attract? Well, keeping that in mind, I put multiple magnets on the fridge and I followed up with an equal amount of magnets inside of the box. Just as strongly as they repel, they seem to attract. This allowed me to keep the set up as temporary as possible. My reasoning was that if down the road the box starts falling apart, I would still be able to salvage the magnets cleanly and fuss-free. The trade off is that I am using double the amount of magnets upfront and I'm sacrificing the thickness of the magnet on the inside (where I could've kept more sheets of paper instead).

So there you have it; a quick project with materials that most of us crafters have on hand and totally useful for coupons, menus, and other notes you may want to keep easily accessible.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Darling ,you look so beautiful in that small picture and I hope you will be always happy and strong!
    The idea with the magnets on the frige is good but my cat will love it more!!!!!

  2. I loved this idea of putting a empty box to good use ! looks nice too !

  3. Fabulous idea and love the flower! TFS

  4. great idea, love this.

    Had to come and take a closer look from MIM

  5. Hi Eileen,
    Oh, this is just a coolest idea. May I borrow it please? It would make great little favors. TFS and have a great week.

  6. Great Idea!! Love the way it came out!


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