Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy 31st Birthday Handmade Quilled White Flowers Card with Heart Leaves

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

This summer we decided to try to eat more organic veggies and support local farms by signing up for CSA farm shares. I'm pretty sure it's nationwide, so if you're interested you can read a little about it. It's probably more interesting to those who live in cities since it's hard to access fresh produce. The season has been starting off on the slow side. I hope it picks up soon! We've had a lot of salad-type greens and even tried spring nettles for the first time! My husband said that in his motherland, Belarus, they learned to avoid them at an early age because of their ability to give you horrible rashes, similar to our poison ivy. Therefore, they're pests and he said if his parents knew, they'd laugh at us and call us idiots (so we won't tell them then :D). We had to handle them with gloves until we got it into the water to boil. Sounds counter intuitive to stick something like this in my mouth, but I did it anyway...I didn't mind it so much in the end, but it wouldn't something I'd be dying to try again!

On to the card:
This card has a playful nature to it that I like. It's clean, simple, and modern. I played with the leaf petals to try to get it to look like heart outlines. It was a little hard to control the waves, so parts of it weren't fun at all! They came out a bit clunky, but I am satisfied with the outcome. 

Lots of hearts~

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  1. Stunning card - love the colour and your wonderful hearts. Have a great weekend.


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