Friday, February 18, 2011

Quilling Board 101

I thought I'd take it a few steps back and go over the basics of using the quilling board since I have never done so before. You can find quilling boards in such places as crafting stores or eBay. This one from Amazon is the exact one shown in the picture above.

You'll need a pair of scissors, crafting glue (I simply use Elmer's School Glue and a toothpick to apply it), straight pins (I bought mine from Walmart), slotted quilling tool or needle tool, and quilling paper.

Roll up a strip of quilling paper according to the sizes that you want with the slotted or needle tool. These are the lengths of quilling paper you should be using for each circle:

-smallest circle mold = 3" length of quilling paper
-2nd smallest circle = 6" length of quilling paper
-3rd smallest circle = 9" length of quilling paper
-3rd largest circle = 12" length of quilling paper
-2nd largest circle = 15" length of quilling paper
-largest circle = 18" length of quilling paper

After you have set the rolled paper into the appropriate circle mold, let it loosen. Then apply glue to the end tip of the relaxed paper and adhere. From there, guide the middle of the roll to the area that you want the center to be located within the circle using a straight pin (I have chosen the top of the circles in the pictures).

The triangle on the left of the board can be used to hold your pins although I use that area (as well as the underside of the quilling board) to do husking.

I hope this helps!

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