Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal #5

Well it seems as though I have forgotten to post some of the other ideas I had back in March. Of course these were just very rough ideas. The reason I thought this one was very versatile was because this style would've made the bilingual invite easy to get out.

You may have seen this scallop style card on many other artists' sites, but this has a spin in it. The way the ribbon is holding the middle card in place, allows it to be flipped. What that means is that you have extra space on the back of the top layer and you also have the open space of the attached back part. It would be exposed once you lift it allowing for more room to write in chinese/english or whatever language you would like on there. An eyelet on both the backing card and the movable card allows for room for the ribbon to both keep the card from falling off and give you enough room to flip it.

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