Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal #6 Chinese Wedding

Out of all of the ones I came up with, I think this is the most traditionally appealing to the Chinese. Traditional Chinese families love using gold and red colors in everything possible for celebratory events. These bold colors are usually not favored by younger generations and may come across many dilemmas in attempting to integrate more classy color schemes while at the same time pleasing older generations.

This is a tri-fold style card. A belly band holds everything together.
The thick belly band was embossed with gold.
This is the open card with the belly band off.
The inside also has a gold embossed flower as a letterhead.
I believe this was the last of the proposed invites, so I leave you with the actual invites that were sent out (English). They were designed and letterpressed by my awesome friend, Colleen!
...and this was the RSVP we sent back (Left: Brian & Jenny; Right: Eileen & Dimma):

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