Monday, October 31, 2011

All Blue

This was made back in April. It was a first for me in making a going away basket for my daycare director of many years and also making a sympathy card for my friend's mom who passed away. I have to say that I had no idea what I was doing and as both of them were to be given the same day, I decided to save a little creative energy and came up with this:

As you can see, this should be a breeze to make as all you need are the same materials. What you need a patterned paper to sit underneath blue vellum paper to create the look. Simple tie the ribbon around the two sheets, then apply your sentiment. I used Martha Stewart's foil pack and a rub on sticker.

Below is the basket that I came up with:

Happy Halloween all! Stay safe, warm, and get lots of treats!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Invite Proposal #6 Chinese Wedding

Out of all of the ones I came up with, I think this is the most traditionally appealing to the Chinese. Traditional Chinese families love using gold and red colors in everything possible for celebratory events. These bold colors are usually not favored by younger generations and may come across many dilemmas in attempting to integrate more classy color schemes while at the same time pleasing older generations.

This is a tri-fold style card. A belly band holds everything together.
The thick belly band was embossed with gold.
This is the open card with the belly band off.
The inside also has a gold embossed flower as a letterhead.
I believe this was the last of the proposed invites, so I leave you with the actual invites that were sent out (English). They were designed and letterpressed by my awesome friend, Colleen!
...and this was the RSVP we sent back (Left: Brian & Jenny; Right: Eileen & Dimma):

Wedding Invite Proposal #5

Well it seems as though I have forgotten to post some of the other ideas I had back in March. Of course these were just very rough ideas. The reason I thought this one was very versatile was because this style would've made the bilingual invite easy to get out.

You may have seen this scallop style card on many other artists' sites, but this has a spin in it. The way the ribbon is holding the middle card in place, allows it to be flipped. What that means is that you have extra space on the back of the top layer and you also have the open space of the attached back part. It would be exposed once you lift it allowing for more room to write in chinese/english or whatever language you would like on there. An eyelet on both the backing card and the movable card allows for room for the ribbon to both keep the card from falling off and give you enough room to flip it.

Last October...

Congrats to Jenny & Brian who are now on their honeymoon! It was such a joy to witness their special day! Now that I am retired from helping with their wedding, I can reminisce on the contributions to the crafty aspects of their wedding. Before I do that though, I realized that I've been neglecting many things that are still in my files from the last year (I have developed my own filing system to keep track of the number of cards I have made to date and I also love to see how I've grown over time). I will work on updating those older items before I move into present day.

Here is a quick card I made a year ago.
It's a girlie card. It helps a lot to keep a stash of nicely decorated papers because it makes the process of making a card that much faster. The top portion was punched on the bottom before getting a design Versamark stamped and applying a layer of Perfect Pearls. From there, you will need to tie a bow from ribbon, adhere a fabric flower and a rhinestone center...and there you have it, you're done in a blink of an eye!