Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrate National Scrapbook Day

For those of you who are in the U.S., this might be easier to get in on but even if you aren't you may still be interested in this free event online. Big Picture Classes is offering a free crop event for 12 hrs on Saturday, May 5th. From my understanding, you register and log into the classroom on that day.
Big Picture Classes
Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. I wish I can participate too but,I have no..time(the word for time is money )to get there)
    I heard on the news that the most beautiful women are from New York !!! (that's good) and that men say :I love you ! by mistake...(bad)
    All the best and "hear"you soon!

  2. There's a little somenthing for your brother on my blog!(You didn't told me his name!)
    I am sorry for being so late but it's made with love and best wishes.
    Dana+ aureliaeugenia


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