Thursday, April 19, 2012

Facebook Food List Challenge 100 Foods to Eat Before You Die

So I finally decided to take the Food List Challenge--100 Foods to Eat Before You Die on Facebook and I got a 65 out of 100! I don't drink alcohol, eat spicy stuff, or dairy so I'd say this is probably close to the max I can cover on this list. It probably helps a lot that I am surrounded by so many ethnic foods.

By the way, I am so confused about the whole blogspot new interface thing! Where is everything?!

The week is still young! Enter your crafts in Tuesday Alchemy's spring theme challenge! :)


  1. Well,I am amazed how many things you are willing to discover!That's so surprising to see you've got so much energy and taste for new things- that gives me positive thoughts as well and the joy to discover through your impresions new things,new ideas ,new discoveries!I love you more for this and I am so proud of what interesting person you are(did I ever mentioned you are beautiful and the kindest person I ever know?) Thank you for all that you are ,so happy to meet you ! hugs,aureliaeugenia

  2. amazing how much you have tried already!!

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