Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rachael Ray Show Taping

Today Dmitriy and I went to see a taping of Rachael Ray. The show was extremely strict and we couldn't take pictures or anything! All I have is one picture from the waiting area. :( We waited almost 2 hrs before actually getting officially seated! For the last half an hr in the waiting area, they didn't allow us to go to the restroom which I thought was very inconsiderate (when they did allow restroom trips, they kept a watchful eye on all of us). How they can do that and offer us water and snacks is beyond me!
Anyway, after that it was a lot of fun! The crowd warmer is a comedian and we had good laughs in between segments. The stage was very chilly and I wished I had a sweater for the first 10 mins of sitting down. Then we got pumped up and it was ok. :) We sat in the aisle in the middle rows. The seating area actually moves! We were getting swung for a bit.

Rachael Ray is a sweetheart and extremely good at what she does. Even though it wasn't a live taping, she didn't need to read anything and was just so natural! She also cracked jokes and talked to us continuously. The overall atmosphere was very chill and she really contributed to that.

So after being mildly star struck, we were really hit hard after...the guest was Zac Efron! He came to promote his new movie, The Lucky One. Here is a trailer from Youtube:
He acted really shy and I'm not ashamed to say, cute also. :D I'm surprised that no one screamed out that they love him as you would normally expect.

After that, she cooked. We didn't get to try anything, but it smelled gooooodddd. haha We took an audience photograph after:
It's a low resolution picture from the show's Facebook page. We're all the way on the left in the back. :)

We got a large bag of pretzels and a copy of the May issue of her magazine. They said to expect it to be on air in about 2 weeks, so see if you can spot us!


  1. thats awesome, thanks for sharing !!!

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  3. Wow! First Martha Stewart, now Rachel Ray. You are one lucky girl. Good to know you are having a great time. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It's a beautiful somehow adventurous life but I am with you-I mean I would love the experience and the opportunity and enjoy every minute of it,sitting next to the one I love....Oh, it feels so good to remember the happy moments of my youth,so I am very happy for you living those experiences next to Dmitry
    -what a nice loving man !I wish you could be invited to Ellen show too(she replaces Oprah and she seems to have a huge success) Hope you didn't catched cold and you're Ok!
    Love to read about your experiences and who knows,maybe one day you'll write a book about the chance to meet so many celebrities! Hugs and...see you soon !(you are still dreaming with eyes open remembering all the details and...feels so good,isn't it ?-well,I don't want to wake you !)

  5. love Rachel Ray. like show and look on FLN channel.
    You have remarkable day! thanks for sharing!


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