Friday, November 21, 2014

Quilled Hearts and Tulip Fridge Magnet

I miss crafting a lot, but there just isn't much time anymore. I am having a great time looking back at these pictures though. Something about what these hands created that sometimes surprises me. We are a very talented bunch aren't we fellow crafty bloggers? :) 

Everyone tells me that it is absolutely normal to not feel ready for the baby. I think that part is the nerve wrecking part for me because I like to map out all scenarios beforehand usually. This is totally out of my hands least I care, I know this much. I've never read so many books and general prep literature in such a short period of time post-college. lol I think for me 90% of the comfort comes from feeling mentally prepared and so the physical prep for the baby suffers greatly. I am only half packed for the hospital--shame on me. We have no nursery because we might be moving AGAIN. It's almost funny at this point how often we move. Anyway, I've been planning to load music into my phone to listen to in case I'm in the mood, but have still not done that either. I've been a mad lady doing laundry almost daily to keep things up as much as possible beforehand. 

I am already feeling bad for our cats. They're more needy than ever. I'm not sure if it's my hormones or they hear the baby, but all they do is snuggle next to me and cry if I move. They follow me into the bathroom and keep crying if I disappear behind the curtains to shower. I think I might have feline body guards. Many things will change and my dad isn't too happy to have cats near a newborn, so he will be more mean to them when he's around too--I'm guessing it'll be quite often. I've already seen it happen and the baby isn't here yet. I doubt I will have all of this energy to lecture my dad continuously later. I will have my hands full and can't physically be their FT cat mommy anymore. I hope they too will find a new normal eventually. 

My generation is very connected to people on social media and messaging. I've been staying away from that to train myself to prioritize tasks. I actually feel good being disconnected. My mind is more at ease and I have a lot more time to take care of other things; focus on myself. I didn't grow up with all of this technology right away, so maybe this is why I can do it without feeling withdrawal symptoms. I know I will be a better parent because of it too. Freely expressing myself to no one in particular on here also feels good because it feels more like journal writing from younger days. At least there's no commitment to chatting when I don't have time through this method. Feedback or no feedback, my voice will always be put out there and I don't necessarily have to delve into other people's drama when I can't put 100% of myself into it. Win-win for me. hehe 

Let me finish off this post by putting up more magnets...specifically, more blue magnets. Hearts and tulips <3

Wishing you a joyful weekend! :)

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  1. These are beautiful magnets. TFS. As far as being ready for the baby - you never think you are, but when they arrive - you just get on with it. Routine is the best advice I can give - you probably have been getting a lot :-) But is you establish routine - things tend to go a lot easier, at least that is what I found :-) Take care of yourself. Hugs, Karon.


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