Friday, November 21, 2014

Quilled Owl Magnet

Feeling slightly better today, so I'm sorting through more craft projects to post. :D It's already snowed here a few times. I can't believe the cold is here already. The only thing I can wish for is that it won't be icy outside when it's time for me to head to the hospital. ;) 22 days 'til due date!

This is another quilled magnet that I gave away as a baby shower favor. It's an owl and originally I thought we were going for an owl theme for the party, but it never happened.
Stay warm my friends!


  1. Now that is one COOL owl. You are so amazingly talented with quilling. Glad you're doing well and yes your hubby is lucky to not have to do crave runs. Happy eating!!!!

  2. Great idea and looks great, xxx

  3. This is gorgeous!! Hope things are cooking ;-) Not long now! Have a wonderful weekend.


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