Thursday, May 17, 2012

Christmas Quilled Card 2011 # 1

It's never too early to show off your Christmas cards. Unless you're like me and always gets a late start on holiday card making, you're probably a card crafter who is always getting inspirations and ideas for the upcoming season. My goal is to start earlier this year, so I'm not overwhelmed later. In order to get myself motivated as well, I will upload my projects from last year.
I made a few versions of quilled wreaths in 2011. I changed the style of the actual greenery, but kept the poinsettia on all of them.

Here's to a successful crafting holiday season!


  1. So you are busy too!Maybe that's why is a little cold than it should be-making Christmas cards(Dr Sonia did one too)in summer!
    The Christmas star is adorable and so is the delicate coronet! All in aal,love it!
    Is Dmitry holding this big fish? Wow,don't tell me he is the one that captured it?He is quite a strong brave man,lucky you!
    Send you all my love-to the cats too!

  2. Like the way you figure out the card...Do you have project for Gift Card envelopes?


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