Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Yellow Quilled Tulips Bouquet

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! That's what it says in Chinese! Thank you to my best friend, Jen, for translating it and to Alex for commissioning! I've never done anything with actual Chinese characters, so I'm pretty proud of it. :) 

Well here's the mother's day card for Alex that I made. I borrowed the tulips from a previous card I made and put it on top of a simple layout.

 I sprayed it with glitter too! It is stunning in person!
The yellow handmade envelope that goes with it.

This year my mom is in Maine taking care of my grandma, so we aren't doing anything for Mother's Day. Instead, we chatted over the phone. :)

This whole weekend has been super HOT, so my bf and I are going for a long walk to get frozen yogurt in a little bit--it's to make us work for the extra calories. :D Yesterday we had bagels in the park overlooking the East side Manhattan skyline which is 2 blocks from us. It has been a very enjoyable weekend (I'm a very simple girl to please). lol

Good day to all the mamas out there!


  1. great card eileen!! i love the chinese! it's unique!!

    have a nice mother's day!


  2. It is so impressive to use chinese characters and the yellow card,so warm and gentle by its colours said it all-love and thankful feelings.
    I am so sorry for the sorrow you have and for your mother's effort,but life is so cruel with lots of us!Last evening I saw on TV a family who celebrates Mother's Day being at the 6th generation-there was a photo with the eldest grandma ,111 years old and the others women in the family- the youngest one had few months! I ,somehow envy them as...I always think and cry missing my mom that left me 1,5 years ago and I cannot get use with this...There are some problems who come one by one nowadays and I try to keep my spirits high somehow...I thank you for your kind warm words and for being my friend! Hope you are happy and in good health and tell your mom as ofen as you can how much you love her ! hugs,

  3. Love the simple cards. It says it all.

  4. Simple but beautiful! I could just see the sparkle of the glitter which makes it more effective...great job!


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