Thursday, May 24, 2012

Christmas Quilled Card 2011 # 2

This is another card I made last year. It is very similar, but can you see the difference?
I added a strip of glittered paper to add more sparkle. Also, The wreath itself was made using a different pattern of quilled marquis. It is 3 per set versus the 2. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. Wow,this is great!Love the delicate wreath and the Christmas star flower!
    I see you have a new member named DANA-she's born on March 15th like your brother and my Dana!We kept in touch for sometimes ...Well, you see everybody do what they want to,no sorrow about it!
    Thank you for telling me so many things,I really am greatful for feeling you so close!
    Tell you a secret:I don't know how to participate at challenges,create links and post photos on those competition blogs!Dana put so many widgets but she didn't succeeded to post that little picture with Liebster blog! Well,send you a sweet "meow "to you and Dmitry and...the cats,of course!
    We will always treasure and love you! hugs


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