Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebration of Our Love

This quilled piece was created last November. I was inspired by the the quilled art I made for Jenny & Brian 2 months before for their wedding (which I have yet to post :X) to make one for me and my bf. A lot less thought went into this one and in fact most of it was trial and error and completely different from the sketch that I had originally made for it.

The pictures and phrase were formatted in Photoshop and then printed on glossy photo paper. I already had the heart frame in mind, so it was a matter of cutting the paper out to the size of the quilled heart. I had a small frame, so I had to keep those measurements in mind as well. I like the sort of turquoise/brown color combo, so I tried really hard to stick to those colors. The rose that you see on top was just added to cover up a spot that I thought was too naked. That was freehandedly made from glitter clay. :)

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