Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dimensional Magic Key Chain

I was playing with Dimensional Magic by Mod Podge right before the new years. It is a non-toxic alternative to epoxy resin. I have that as well, but I didn't want to suffocate from the fumes as it is the middle of winter and it would be a trade-off between that or freezing me and the cats. :D

I wanted to give a meaningful gift to my friend, Colleen, for her birthday. She and I have developed an appreciation for the work that artists produce over the years. She is a very skilled and experienced designer based in NYC. Now I know I can't top her in what she does, so why not rip off of her own designs? hahaha :X I decided to make a key chain that represents her professionally. Did I mention this was my first time using dimensional magic? I do feel bad that I was using her as a guinea pig, but what are friends for right?!? lol

Here are the basic steps:

1. Buy Dimensional Magic and a blank key chain from your local crafts stores--Michaels for me! I did have to go outside of NYC to find the Dimensional Magic in stores though.

2. Using your favorite image or sizing something by computer to be printed out, cut it to shape inside of the key chain. (This is where I will say to use photo paper or possibly laser printing!!! I printed with an ink jet on cardstock and the ink started to bleed as you will see in the picture below.)

3. Use glue or a decoupage medium to adhere the image to the bottom of the key chain. I use Mod Podge the Matte finish.

4. Seal your image with a decoupage medium by brushing a layer over the image that is now on the bottom of the key chain.

5. Finally, squeeze out the dimensional magic until it reaches the brim of the key chain. More likely than not, you will see bubbles. I found it to be a bit tricky getting them out.You must use a sharp needle! A blunt toothpick or needle-head, I will not say it is not possible, but it will be extremely difficult as this stuff is THICK and the bubbles will just roll under and over your point.

6. Put it in a dust-free, leveled-area free of disturbances that can happen over 24 hrs.

Do you see how the colors aren't as crisp and sharp from the bleeding?

If anyone is ever looking for someone to do a side project feel free to contact her near or far!--www.cdengdesigns.com


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