Saturday, January 14, 2012

Double Pocket Card with Vellum Bookmarks

This is a project that I found on This project can be found here: You can leave it as is or you can attach it to a blank card to use as a standard card. I kept it simple and left it as is to use a bookmark holders.

These are the bookmarks I made from vellum. I chose green and yellow colors to go with the patterned paper used for the pockets. Disregard the blue ribbon; I was just trying to use up the last of it. :X The designs were made from using stamps and Versamark ink and then wet embossing it with a sort of pearlescent opaque embossing powder. To attach the ribbon, I hole-punched the top of the paper, set an eyelet, and strung the ribbon through followed by a knot.
Here you have the double pocket card by itself. As you can see, I spent very little time decorating it. I used the tiny Prima flowers sold in little bottles and the center is just lightly kissed with glitter glue.

So there you have a simple and inexpensive gift for all the book lovers out there!

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