Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flower Pot Cards

Digging up things sometimes makes you reminisce on how you have changed over time, whether it be over a short or long period. When I take a look back in time at what I have made, I right away see how my preference for techniques have changed or remained the same. Do you sometimes wonder how you've come to arrive at this point? I have to say that I love crafting for this reason--I never know where I'll end up next and it is never an unpleasant surprise like other aspects of our lives! Isn't this true for you as well? I can go aimlessly in any direction that I want and you can never say that I took the wrong turn for the worse. If anything, all you've invested was your time, a bit of money, and energy in exploring. I never have regrets. It is AWESOME...for lack of a better word. lol

So how have I changed or grown? I feel that instead of trying to copy someone else's work, I am more self reliant on creativity. Do I still look around for inspiration? OH YES! ALL of the time. I love appreciating other peoples' work whether they are a beginner or more seasoned in crafts. At times I learn and at other times, I am reminded of things that are worth revisiting.

Here is an example from a little over a year ago.
Both were given as birthday cards. It comes with my cat's seal of approval as well. lol

The above flower pot card was made with silk flowers. You pull up at the top to expose your writing area. Below is a card made from chipboard flowers.
I wet embossed the area of paper underneath the ribbon. Even though it is the dead middle of winter, I don't ever think it is inappropriate to give "flowers." So head over to Splitcoaststampers to follow their tutorial to make your own!


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